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Free Community Services Provided INSIDE Our Incubator.

Sometimes entrepreneurs need a PLACE to go to get some work done or just think. For a mere $7.00 for an entire 12 hour day to help cover overhead, we provide services in a 900 square foot space behind Easy Tax Pro. Your first day is always free. Here is what is provided:

Free advice, (if you ask), for:

1. Taxes for your business.
2. Business operation.
3. Telemarketing.
4. Business to business sales.
5. Website building and hosting.
6. Social media marketing.
7. Entrepreneurism
8. Search engine optimization

*   Free high speed internet.

*   A place to sit. Choose a chair at a table, a couch, or a comfortable chair.

*   A positive and encouraging atmosphere. (A rare thing). The normal negative attitudes entrepreneurs experience elsewhere is something we do our best to banish from our space.

*   Free bottled water or hot water from our Kuerig. Bring your own K-cups to use with our Kuerig coffee maker. Free foam cups, cream, sugar, and tea available.

*   Unlike a coffee shop you can stay all day without feeling as if you are overstaying your welcome, or come and go as you please from 9 AM to 9 PM.

*   A chance to network with other entrepreneurs and find valuable business alliances.

*   Small group meetings, (under 50 people), available for $1.25 per hour per person.

*   Host meet-ups.

*   Free workshops from local experts.

*   Movable semi-privacy dividers.

*   You give up no equity or ownership in your business. Aside from the $7.00 daily fee to help cover our overhead, this is a free community service.


One chair prices:
One day: $7
One week (7 consecutive days): $42
One month (31 consecutive days): $150

Cubicle price:
One day: $24
One week (7 consecutive days): $144
One month (31 consecutive days): $499

Small group meetings, (under 50 people):
Chairs only in group meeting space.
One table provided for presenter.

$1.25 per hour per person, 5 person minimum.

Paid Services Provided to Businesses OUTSIDE Our Incubator.

1. Basic website. EASY! Just verbally tell me what you want and I do it. You do not have to push any buttons or fill in any forms. I just listen to what you want and then I build it.

Your website includes graphics and pictures of your business and hosting for three years. One time fee of $200.00. See more details. More advanced website building available.

2. Build your FaceBook page for your business. We add details about your business, pictures, and links. If you do not have images available we will come take pictures of your business with our iphone 6. One time fee of $200.00. See more details.

3. Year round tax services for business and personal from Easy Tax Pro.

4. Come to your business to teach you and/or your employees telemarketing, business to business sales, social media marketing, or search engine optimization

4. Help businesses find services they need from other businesses willing and ready to provide them.